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The author is a practising medical consultant in Internal and Geriatric Medicine, with an interest in health informatics, with training in the latter field done at CHIME, University College London. The author is also the editor of this site.

About the Site

This website is based on the premise that Information Technology can be developed and used to support better patient care.

It is also about evidence-based-medicine, and how the convergence of hardware developments, wireless technology and web technologies can enable the access of high quality clinical information at the point of care.

This website is built on the foundations of a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Informatics at MSc level and about 10 years of clinical practise in the fields of Internal Medicine, Acute Medicine and Geriatric Medicine in the National Health Service in the United Kingdom. We hope that it will help encourage and develop the use of health informatics by clinicians in clinical practice in the NHS and all over the world.


This website is independent of all sponsorship. This website is fully funded by the author, and does not represent the endorsement of any product, organisation or institution, implied or otherwise.

Advertising Policy

We do not host nor accept any advertisement.

Competing Interests

The author declares that there are no competing interests.

The HIICP Logo

The logo for this site is of original design, combining the "Rod of Asclepius" and 2 lines of the truncated ASCII code in Binary for the "Enquiry" transmission-control character.

It can be interpreted as "2 Enquire is Medicine", representing the search, organisation and presentation of useful information to answer the following questions:

72 ppi versions of the logo are available in JPEG and PNG format for download .


This logo and the materials within this site will be subject to the Copyleft licensing rules.

It is a reciprocal licensing scheme and requires that the licence be propagated in any distribution of the original work in any form.

The Copyleft licence used is the GNU General Public Licence and GNU Free Documentation Licence.

This is where I feel the principles of the Open Source community overlap with those of the medical profession.

The "code" or the "knowledge" is continually developed by all in the same profession, for the unrestricted end use and betterment of practice of each individual member in the community, in order to better serve our patients or users .

Hence the choice for Copyleft.

See the Free Software Foundation website for more information.


Acronyms in Titles Explained

MB: Bachelor of Medicine

BCh: Bachelor of Surgery

BAO: Bachelor of Obstetrics

MRCP: Membership of the Royal College of Physicians

CCT: Certificate of Completion of Training in Postgraduate Medical Training

CHIME: Centre for Health Informatics and Multi-professional Education at University College London

UCL: University College London

NUI: National University of Ireland

UK: United Kingdom



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