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The method

The following is a basic and simple method for rapidly assessing the quality of an article and deciding whether it warrants in-depth reading. The core of the tool is based on the Jadad scale, which is a validated quality scale (Jadad AR, 1996).

  1. Does it have a Jadad scale score of greater than three?

  2. Is there concealment of allocation in the study design?

  3. Is there a declaration of competing interests in terms of sources of funding for the research?

  4. Is the question which the research seeks to answer relevant to my patients?

If the answer is no to any of the four questions above, then the article is unlikely to be useful.

The Jadad scale

The Jadad scale is based on the following methods:

Is the study

  1. randomised?

  2. if it is, is the randomisation described and appropriate?

  3. double-blinded?

  4. if it is, is the double-blinding appropriate?

  5. if it is,is it based on the intention to treat (includes a description of withdrawals and dropouts)?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, give one point. If the answer is no, subtract one point. Any study that has a score of less than three suggest a poorly designed study and does not warrant further attention.

Jadad Scale Wiki


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